Academic Planning

Plan ahead to study abroad

Academic planning is a required part of the EAP application process.  Students must plan which courses they will take before, during, and after study abroad.  Academic plans must be approved by students' major, minor, and college advisors. 

UCSC students are not required to take major, minor, or general education courses while they are abroad.  You may prefer to complete these degree requirements on campus, and take elective courses when you study abroad, with the intent of learning for your own personal interests. 

However, even if you do not plan to take courses towards your major, minor, or general education requirements while you study abroad, your major, minor, and college advisors must nevertheless give their approval for you to study abroad. 

EAP Placeholder Courses

For each term you are abroad, you will be enrolled in a 15-unit placeholder course. This placeholder course will prevent you from falling behind in units and jeopardizing priority enrollment time. This course shows anyone who looks at your portal that you are abroad, but that you are still a UCSC student.  The EAP placeholder course will be replaced by your actual EAP courses, credits and grades.

EAP Courses & Grades

EAP grades can take up to four months after the official end date of your program to return to UCSC.  Your EAP grades, units and courses will be added to your UCSC transcript and factored in your UCSC cumulative GPA.  You can not request early grades.  Please be patient!