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EAP reciprocity students are exchange students participating in the University of California Education Abroad Program. These students attend UCSC from one to three terms and are usually here as international students on the J-1 visa. To maintain legal status in the U.S., EAP undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units per term. EAP graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 10 units per term.

NEW EAP International Student MANDATORY Visa Check-in Meeting

It is MANDATORY for all new EAP students starting their program in Fall or Winter quarters to attend the orientation and the visa check-in meeting. The current meeting schedule and details can be found on the New Student Visa Check-in page.

Pre-arrival information for new international students is available both on the UCSC International Scholar & Student Services (ISSS) website and the UCEAP website.

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UCEAP Systemwide Office

Review the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) website for information on reciprocity exchanges. The Reciprocity Student Guide has specific information about housing, enrollment, obtaining the visa and much, much more.  For links to Consulates and Embassies review the Visa Resources page.

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Students living on campus must close out their housing contracts before their program ends. If you do not cancel your housing contract within the housing cancellation period, you will receive a late fee and will not be able to obtain your transcript. Contact your housing coordinator for more information or review the Student Housing Services web site.

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UCEAP will mail an official UCSC transcript to your home university at the end of your exchange program at no cost to you, however this process can take up to 6-8 weeks. Students may print out a copy of their unofficial transcript from the student portal or they may purchase additional copies of their official transcript from the Office of the Registrar.

Your UCSC account balance must be in good standing, and all bills must be paid before a transcript can be released. Check with the UCSC Student Business Services for more information on your billing status and account.

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Prerequisite Clearance Form

If you are unable to register for the course you want through the student portal, you may need permission from the instructor to enroll in the course.  This template provides a place for students to document the courses taken in the home university.

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Enrollment Verification

Some of the universities require EAP international students to complete an enrollment verification form each term while they are studying at UCSC. EAP students may bring the enrollment verification form to the International Advisor for processing.

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EAP Withdrawal Form

Use this form if you will be withdrawing from the EAP program.

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