International Friends Program

The International Friends Program is all about connecting!

The International Friends Program (IFP) connects study abroad returnees with international students studying at UCSC. The program enhances international students' experience by providing them with an opportunity to build a personal connection, further understand US culture, and facilitate their adjustment to UCSC. For our study abroad returnees, the IFP provides a way to further enhance their international experiences and understanding. 

IFP participants will be matched during the end of June. Friends will then be able to converse with each other over the Summer and meet once the Fall quarter begins. We will have a variety of events during the Academic Year for all IFP participants to come together and socialize. 

Expectations of participants:
  • Be committed, engaged, open-minded and respectful of others' cultures and differences.
  • Exchange emails with your matched friend(s) at least twice before the Fall quarter begins.
  • Come to our evening IFP events during each quarter (October 15, February 4, and May 6).
  • Meet with your friend(s) at least once each quarter outside of our events.
  • Complete a short survey regarding your IFP experience each quarter.

Initial applicants were matched with friends over the Summer. 

The International Education Office is dedicated to making our events accessible.  Please contact us at to request disability accommodations to any of our events.